Jurnal Dosen 6

The Technique of Teaching Speaking in the International Class Program
Milawati, S.Pd
STKIP PGRI Bangkalan
Abstract:  in  International  Standard  School  (SBI)  English  becomes  the  primary
language  in  teaching  and  learning  process  which  required  the  students  of
international  classes  should  be  able  to  communicate  in  English  well.  Therefore,
the  schools  that  have  international  class  should  fulfill  the  criteria  of  international
standard.  This  article  is  intended  to  describe  the  techniques  of  teaching  speaking,
material  and  media  used  and  the  students’  participation  toward  the  technique  of
teaching  speaking  in  International  Standard  School  (SBI).  The  findings  showed
that  the  technique  of  teaching  speaking  in  regular  class  were  different  from  those
in  the  international  class  program,  the  material  used  in  the  regular  class  were
based  on  two  curriculum,  namely;  the  Cambridge  curriculum  and  national
curriculum  while  in  the  language  support  class  program  the  teachers  had  freedom
to  select  the  materials,  the  teacher  used  three  kinds  of  media;  visual,  audio  and
audiovisual media.
Key words: teaching technique, international class, speaking ability.

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