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Blueprint as a Base In Building Better Teacher- Made Test


teacher  made  test  becomes  popular  in  most  rural  nor  urban  school,  since  multiple
learning  develop  simultaneously  during  an  educational  experience.  However,  teacher  often
reuse  tests  without  analysing  or  revising  them  and  seldom  use  statistical  procedures  to  see
how  a  test  or  a  test  item  is  actually  performing.  Assesing  students  often  means  reaching  for  a
test  or  quiz  that  is  already  prepared,  whether  it  be  a  test  included  a  textbook  or  something
another  teacher  prepared.  These  aren’t  neccessarily  bad  choices,  but  to  make  sure  they  are
good choices, the knowledgeable about the blueprint in making a teacher made test should be
known.  This  paper  presents  seven  cornerstones  of  assessment, how  to  plan  and how  to  make
a  teacher  made  test  blueprint.  Knowing  more  about  those  issue  will  not  only  help  the  teacher
to  assess  the  students  more  effectively,  but  it  will  also  provide  the  teacher  with  a  means  of
evaluating the teaching learning process and help the teacher to produce test that will actually
motivate the students to learn.
Keywords : teacher made test, seven cornerstones, plan, blueprint